Saturday, April 3, 2010

Awesome GIveaway at Latina On A Mission!

Earlier today I was just checking on my twitter and came across a retweet about an Awesome Giveaway! Migdalia from Latina On A Mission is celebrating her 1 yr. anniversary for her blog and is hosting a giveaway for a basket that contains "Pure STYLE Girlfriends" Check it out on [her blog] & enter it!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

VS Pink Exclusive Freebie!

Whoo Hoo!! Victoria Secret "PINK" finally reached there goal. On my -last post- I talked about how they wanted to have 1 million members to their site and once they did they would have this exclusive Freebie for its members as a Thank You. 

So if you are a member hurry and go on over -HERE- and sign in to get your freebie. It is a In-Store Coupon and there printing them out while supplies last.

Oh and since your already heading down to the store, there is another printable coupon for Victoria Secret too. Go on over -HERE- to log in and print your coupon for a $10 V-Neck T-Shirt dress.

Dont forget to Follow & Fan them:

Follow them on Twitter: @VSPink
Friend them at FaceBook: VS Pink

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Updated Kmart Double Coupon Event!!

        In case you haven't heard or missed my [last blog] about the event that KMart is hosting "Double Coupon Days" here is the official

that they released. I emailed them a couple days ago and since I'm in San Diego, I was confirmed that both KMarts, South Bay area, are participating. The list is very disorganized and for you fellow Californians our state starts after page 26.

       Hope your store is participating!! Now we have to wait and see what great deals we can come up with. I will try to keep everyone updated on info. =]

My Walgreens Trip 3/9

     Just came back from Walgreens and like always I feel like I could of done better on my deals. The babies stayed home with Grandma and so it was just my Hunny & I. Usually I plan my transactions in my little pocket book and have my coupons in order. Here is what [my plan] was at first, but things changed last minute.
     I couldn't do all 4 transactions so I only stuck with the first 3. And here is what I came home with:
(2) Chips Ahoy  15.25 oz. 2/$5
(6) Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh Shaved Meat 9 oz. 2/$5
(6) Nestle Crunch Chocolate Bar 1.55 oz. $.49
(2) Coffee-Mate "French Vanilla" Creamers 16 oz. 2/$3
Swiffer Sweeper WetRefill 12pk $3.99

Downy Liquid Softener $3.99
Febreze Air Effects $2.46
Sense & Spray Starter Kit $5.99
Johnson & Johnsons "No More Tangles" Shampoo 13 oz. $4.49
Johnson & Johnsons "No More Tangles" Spray10 oz. $3.99
Johnson & Johnsons Head-2-Toe Wash 15 oz. $4.49
Johnson & Johnsons Baby Lotion 15 oz. $4.49
     Usually they have in stock the items I plan on buying so I don't have to think of a Plan B. But this time they didn't have any of the Oreo Cakesters & Johnson & Johnsons Baby Shampoo. So my hunny said we should just get the Johnson & Johnsons Head2Toe Wash instead (same value) and get Chips Ahoy instead of the Oreo Cakesters. At first I was like, NO! I have everything planned out so it's just going to mess everything up! I knew I didn't have a coupon for the cookies so I was like, Nope I'm not going to do it. He finally convinced me for it and in away it worked out better.
     Here are my transactions broken down:
Transaction #1
6 Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh Shaved Meat 2/$5
2 Chips Ahoy 2/$5
2 Nestle Crunch Choco. $.89 ea.
Total = $21.78

Used Coupons:
-B1G1 Nestle Crunch Bar
-$0.80/2 Nestle Wags In-Ad Q.
-$1/2 Oscar Meyer Q. x3
-$1/1 Oreo Cakesters Q.
-$5 RR
-$5 RR
-$5 RR
Pay = $2.09 + get $5RR from Cookies & Oscar Meyer
Transaction #2
2 Nestle Crunch Choco. $.89 ea.
Sense & Spray Starter Kit $5.99
Swiffer Sweeper Wet Refill 12 or 16 pk $3.99
Febreze Air Effects $2.46
Downy Liquid Softener $ 3.99
Taffy candy on the register $0.34
Total = $19.08

Used Coupons:
-B1G1 Nestle Crunch Bar

-$2/1 Sweeper Q
-$5 RR from #1
-$1/1 Downy Q.
-$1/1 Febreze Q.
-$3/1 printable Febreze Q.
-$5 RR
-$0.80/2 Nestle Wags In-Ad Q.
Pay = $1.87 & get $2RR from P&G products. 

***(So far that Transaction has been my favorite one. I practically only paid for tax!!) ***

Transaction #3
2 Nestle Crunch Bar $.89 ea.
2 Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer $2/$3
J&J No More Tears Spray $4.49
J&J Detangling Shampoo $4.99
J&J Baby Lotion $4.49
J&J Head2Toe Baby Wash $4.49

Used Coupons:
-B1G1 Nestle Crunch Bar

-$1/1 No More Tangles Q.

-$1/1 Any Johnsons Q.
-$0.75 Coffe-Mate Q.
-$0.75 Cofee-Mate Q.
-$2/2 Lotion & Shampoo Q.
-$0.80/2 Nestle In-Ad Walgreens Q.
-$2.25/1 J&J Item 50% off
-$2.25/1 J&J Item 50% off

Pay: $12.77 plus a Catalina for $2.50/3 Johnson's or Desetin Products.

**I should of used the $2RR that I got from trans.#2
but for some reason I forgot about them**

Oh and in all my transactions I got a Coupon for 20% off Payless Shoesource. And that came just in time cause my little ones are outgrowing their shoes pretty fast. =[ There growing up to soon!

Total OOP = $16.73 | Wags Coupon Saving = $2.40 | Wags Advertised Savings = $30.50 |
MFG Coupon Savings = $43.17

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Albertons Preferred Savings Card BONUS

Maria from Oh Lovely Coupons posted a cool tip for Albertsons Loyalty Card Holders. This is something that I havent see before so it's worth the try. Check out her post HERE

Thanks girl for finding this!

Alberton's DOUBLERS!!!!

     Update: Just noticed Ms Building Up Da Benjamins posted Awesome scenarios for your coupons & doublers. Check them out HERE
       Whoo-Hoo!! Im so excited to let you know that we got Albertson's "Double the Value" coupons in this Sunday's Newspaper!! I just got my newspaper, San Diego Union Tribune, started to flip through it looking for the coupon inserts and boy was I surprised!!! I saw a Albertson's Ad! I have never cam across one in Southern California before and I've seen in other savings sites from other states that have these awesome deals with double Albertson's coupons. Luckly, I got 4 newspapers this week and later on tonight I'm going to post some deals that I can come up with. Yay!!

   Here is the details for these coupons if you've never seen them before:

  • There effective from 3/7/10 - 3/16/10

  • Have to use your Preferred Savings Card 

  • Only manufacture coupons will be accepted

  • Total coupon redemption can not price of item

    • Meaning they probably wont allow you to get the item for Free

  • Will be doubled up to a $1

    • Which means if you have a $1 off q. they will double it to $2 off

Thursday, March 4, 2010

KMart Double Coupon Event!?

Whoo-Hoo! Im excited to let you all know that Kmart will be hosting a Double Coupon Event! I've read around the other blogs about it and well I decided to send them an email. I'm in So. Cal. and I have 2 KMarts near me. So I will be definetly be going to both with my boyfriend along.
     Here is the email that I got back from them showing when and explaining everything for the event:
"Dear Nadia,
     Thank you for contacting Kmart regarding the Kmart Double Coupon Event. We appreciate your interest in this promotion. This event is for select participating Kmart locations from 4/4-4/10. All of our CA stores are participating in the current event.
Below are the details of the promotion:
-Manufacturer Coupons up to and including $2 Value – Doubled up to $2 no matter what the retail price of a single item is.
-Does not include Kmart Store Coupons
-Does not include Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons
-Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day.
-First 5 coupons provided by customer will be doubled.
Thank you for contacting us and have a nice day.

Jennifer W.,
Retail Customer Care
Sears Holdings Corporation
So since there doubling, if you have a $2 off Q. then it will make it $4 off !! Isn't that Awesome! Last year I went to there last Double Event but it's when I first started to coupon so I didn't get as much stuff as I would of wanted. I'm pretty happy with the way things are going w/ the way I'm couponing so I will be planning this out good!